Deck Staining & Coating

This is time consuming and in most cases something that should be done on a yearly basis.  This is why most of the decks we redo have never had a thing done to them since they were built many years ago.  Lets face it, we all start out with great intentions and something else always gets in the way of taking care of the deck that we just spent thousands of dollars on. 

     The elements of todays world are getting worse every year with the sun getting stronger and the crazy weather patterns that we are experiencing.  Take a look outside right now and ask yourself when the last time was that you even thought about finishing your deck?  Now ask yourself if you have the time to finish it properly to last for the next ten to twenty years or maybe even more.

     Just because your deck is grey and weathered doesn't mean that it is lost forever.  We have the specialized products and services to bring that old ugly deck or patio back to when it was first built.  Our process for reviving decks is not done with water, but done with our sponge jet system that is ECO friendly and will rejuvinate or strip paint off and leave nothing but the beautiful wood ready to take the stain or paint of your choice.

     Whether we are preparing pressure treated lumber, cedar, IPE or any other wood surface you can rest assure that we are using only the highest rated stains and paints on the market as we will never install anything that is substandard. 

IPE Deck Before

IPE Deck After

Neglected deck before

Deck after cleaning and coating

Never use marine paint on a deck

Cleaned with our DRY Technology

Two coats of TWP 1500 Dark Oak Stain

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You should always ask your deck builder if they use their own employees OR do they sub-contract the work.  Also make sure that they have worker's comp. or you could be sorry.


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